Our Work


Pat has been the technical and business lead on the introduction of many recognizable products including the Honeywell Round thermostat.

Honeywell Round

After an impressive run of fifty plus years, the iconic Honeywell Round T87 thermostat was in need of a design overhaul. Pending regulations in the European Community and the State of California regarding use and disposal of mercury drove the need for change. Pat worked with Honeywell and his internal multidiscipline team to plan out the details of the project including technical approach, resource needs, and schedule. Pat then lead the team that brought the new round into production.
The project came on time and on budget and the design supported Honeywell’s goal of assembling the device at its plant in Golden Valley, MN. The project resulted in the issue of 2 patents.

Solar Panel Cleaning System

With the rapid expansion of drone use in commercial and industrial applications comes demand for increased payload, flight time, landing accuracy, and autonomous operation. We are working to solve these problems targeting specific applications.
New and emerging uses require support systems that allow users to get the most from their drones. We are working on innovative technologies which will enableeven more opportiunities.

Commercial and industrial uses for drones are expanding rapidly

Vertical farming

Vertical farming is a growth industry, really. Many forecasts indicate that vertical farming will grow to a 5 billion dollar industry by 2022.There is abundant opportunity in this market.

With the current lack of off the shelf components and solutions to support this industry, many operations are faced with producing ground up designs for their operations.We are working to change that by designing products that will allow growers to configure and scale their operations with ease.

Robot Case Study

St. Croix Product Labs led the technical solution andproject management aspects of an automation project that involved bin picking. The solutionutilized vision and 3d imaging to pick parts out of a bin and place them onto a fixture to be riveted. The project was a technology evaluation and demonstration of a proof of concept (POC).The goal was to identify an approach to automating a task performed by humans and determine the cost benefit analysis of the capital investment in the solution.